Last year may have been the year for customized, upgraded garage flooring.

However, the garage trend for 2017 is to keep the clutter organized so that floor can shine through. Inspiration can be found right here for stylish storage and garage organization ideas.

Mudroom Space: Rather than track the mud into an interior room, keep it in the garage. With individual locker style storage, kids arrive home with a place to keep their gear, backpacks, jackets and muddy shoes. Creating a bench seat above lower shoe storage cubbies makes it easy for even the youngest in the family to sit and remove shoes before coming inside.

Workbench: Let’s face it, if you have a garage, chances are that’s where you keep your tools. Take it up a notch by building a functional work-counter. A peg-board on the wall keeps the most commonly used tools handy, saving you time and frustration searching through drawers and toolboxes. And don’t forget to add some quality lighting and electrical outlets to handle your power tools.

Shelving: Make the most of that glorious floor to ceiling space with shelving that stretches all the way up and overhead. Add some variation to shelf height level to accommodate the need for tall item space. This makes a perfect spot for overflow grocery items, especially during inclement weather seasons when you need to stay stocked up on essentials.

Fido Space: For the many families that have a dog, why not create a custom space that is comfortable? Although a pet may live indoors alongside the family, occasionally there is a need for separation. Don’t make it seem like punishment. Create a space fit for a king.

For more information on making the most of your garage with an organizing make-over, please contact us. Our design specialists have been committed to excellence and your satisfaction for more than 50 years.