Give Your Home Curb Appeal With Custom Exterior Millwork

One of the most attention-getting features you can add to your home’s exterior is decorative custom millwork. It not only sets your home apart from others in your neighborhood, it also adds a generous helping of curb appeal and attracts buyers when you’re ready to sell.

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Shutters are outdoor window treatments that add character to your home’s facade while giving you an opportunity to add color and textural contrast. Plantation shutters are fine, but you can also have custom-made shutters crafted in a unique style that complements the ambiance of your home, making it a truly one-of-a-kind exterior.

Brackets and corbels add a decorative element to your home where the wall meets the soffits. Which one you choose depends on the look you want – brackets are open and can be either decorative or have structural significance, while corbels are solid, ornamental and can offer simplicity of design or be ornately carved. Both are eye-catching additions and can be made to underscore any style home, from historical to contemporary.

Dentil blocks create a horizontal pattern with solid blocks that are equally spaced and repeating. They add a simple rhythm when used alone or offer an extra element when used in conjunction with other decorative millwork.

Who hasn’t stopped to admire a home with gingerbread accents? Typically seen on Victorian homes used heavily in combinations of several different types working together, less ornate gingerbread can be used more sparingly on other types of homes as well and can give your porch or apex just the spark it needs.

There are many other types of exterior millwork that can give your home architectural details that make it even more special. Whether you’re getting ready to put your home on the market or just want to upgrade its appearance for yourself and your family, contact us to discuss the many ways our Wentzville Millwork can create the custom look that’s perfect for you.