Home Distinction With Custom Interior Millwork


Custom millwork is a true asset to any home, setting it apart from others, raising it above the mundane and giving it a unique look. Interior millwork can increase your home’s value while adding sophistication and personality to your rooms.

There are a number of different types of millwork that can add character to your home, including window casings, door casings, wainscoting, and picture or plate rails. Let’s take a look at just a few kinds of millwork that can benefit any home:

Crown molding gives a finished look to the space where the top of your wall meets your ceiling. It’s an architectural feature that adds value to your home; interior designers are using wider, more interesting crown moldings in homes of all sizes. The intricacy of the molding you choose should match the style of your rooms, but even the most minimal or contemporary home can be enhanced with crown molding.

Baseboard molding, like crown, adds impact and distinction to your rooms. Baseboards give rooms an aesthetic foundation and are particularly appealing with hardwood flooring.

Chair rails aren’t just utilitarian anymore – once used to prevent chairs from damaging walls, they’re now used more for architectural interest. They can serve as a division between wallpaper and paint; wainscoting can be added underneath; or they can be a striking accent in a monochromatic room. Chair rails open up a world of design possibilities.

Mantels are wonderful examples of millwork where different types of trim and moldings are brought together to create an impressive fireplace. A beautiful customized mantel becomes the striking focal point of any room.

We created Wentzville Millwork so we can turn our customers’ visions into reality, and our goal is always to exceed your expectations. When you’re ready to upgrade your home’s interior with customized millwork, contact Chic Lumber Co.