Elevated Quality and Strength For Your Garage

A garage can be one of the most high traffic areas of a home, experiencing a lot of wear and tear from car tires, dripping lawnmower fluids, and family members constantly entering and exiting. With cold, wet weather approaching in the autumn and winter months, there is no time like the present for taking precautions to protect and maintain a decorative and durable floor treatment for your garage. Diamond Chip Flooring is by far the best option for resisting muddy galoshes, dirty work boots, and the wet paws of pets.

Convenient & Quick Installation

Installation of the Diamond Chip flooring is not a long, drawn-out process that inconveniences you and your family by interrupting your lifestyle. Our streamlined 4-step installation takes just one day and is ready for traffic within 24 hours after completion.

A Large Number of Options

There are ten color varieties to choose from, including Tuxedo, Terrazo, Granite, and other aesthetically pleasing finishes. A customizable option is also available to guarantee that your garage floor finish is cohesive to the rest of your home’s d├ęcor.

Strong & Durable

The industrial strength and long lifespan of Diamond Chip Flooring makes it a no-brainer when choosing the best garage floor covering for your home. Its design is better than traditional epoxy floors for withstanding the potentially harsh conditions present in a garage environment. It is also formulated to maintain shine and vibrancy while being extremely easy to clean.

Contact us today to learn more information about Diamond Chip Flooring and how to improve the look and quality of your garage floor.