Want to transform your garage?

If you answered yes to wanting to transform your garage, then you need to start from the ground up. Well, actually, from the floor up. And with diamond chip flooring, your garage can go from drab to ballroom sparkle quality. And who doesn’t like a bit of sparkle? But there is much more to an upgrade than just beauty. Here is why you should upgrade your garage floor in 2017:

Durability: Think of all the things that go on in the garage: parking the car, oil-pan drips, doggie accidents, burst garbage bags, trails of muddy shoes, paint can spills, and the list can go on and on. A garage floor takes a lot of abuse. A bare, concrete floor is porous. Those oil-pan drips, doggie accident pathogens, garbage bacteria and reddish mud stains soak right through and are trapped forever. An epoxy coating seals and protects your garage floor. It is more sanitary, stops odor entrapment and eliminates unsightly stains.

Protection: Garages are usually the place where tools are kept. It might even be a designated work-out area. What happens when you drop a hammer or bar-bell on concrete? That concrete chips or cracks. What happens when concrete chips or cracks? The foundation of your home becomes compromised. Years of humidity and spills will introduce moisture into that crack. That moisture, especially during freezing temperatures, will expand, slowly destroying the integrity of your foundation. Protecting a garage floor with an epoxy coating actually protects the entire home.

Quick Process: Getting your home protected with a garage floor upgrade is easier than you think. A floor coating project can be completed in one day. Contact the experts with 50 years of experience. Select your favorite of the 12 finishes available and enjoy peace of mind that the value of your most important investment is protected from the ground up.