Missouri Gun Laws In Relation to the Holiday

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Missouri’s State Legislature has recently ratified a bill which lifts permit requirements to carry a concealed firearm within state boundaries. The legislation will go into effect on the first day of the new year, empowering gun owners new and old alike with a bold option in the realm of bearing arms. This law’s proximity to Christmas makes such tools an attractive option under the tree on the twenty-fifth. Chic Lumber offers a variety of choices to fulfill this idea in our Gunroom.

Those who wish to gift a firearm for the holiday season with respect to the new rights need not fret about hidden restrictions in the area of transferring weaponry. Missouri State Law does not require registration for the purchase or transferal of legal arms between private parties. A lack of limitation in this respect means a firearm is transferable for Christmas or any other occasion. The recipient must of course be able to legally own a gun under the law. Base requirements aside, a firearm as a gift can be given freely and without heaps of convoluted paperwork.

Missouri boasts of laws that encourage private gun ownership. It is, however, important to note that gun free zones continue to exist in the state and will continue to do so under the new concealed carry laws. These zones include schools, churches, government buildings and private business that choose to exclude firearms upon their premises. One who wishes to use their permit to carry while shopping during the Christmas season would do well to remain aware of such zones while participating in the December shopping rush. The right to bear arms is a cornerstone of the American life, and the gifting and carrying of guns in light of the law encourages this sacred right. Gun owners are responsible to encourage respect for this right, be it the holidays, new year or beyond.