Laminated Strand Lumber

LSL is the acronym for laminated strand lumber. LSL is a smart choice for stick-built construction. LSL is incomparable in terms of framing and floor support because, in many instances, LSL outperforms traditional lumber. Laminated strand lumber is a composite lumber, meaning it is an engineered wood product with a consistent density across all applications.

Traditional lumber has its place, and always will. There is simply nothing like custom millwork, however, custom millwork does not often meet client expectations in terms of budget and function. LSL exceeds expectations because you are able to use one piece rather than two for window and door headers, as is the case with traditional lumber. Further, in terms of framing, LSL maintains a standard stability for both length and consistency.

The true advantage of using LSL as opposed to traditional lumber is its consistency. LSL has a standard moisture content that meets EMC (equilibrium moisture content). It is resistant to shrinkage, warping, twisting and many other issues associated with traditional lumber. No one likes a call from an unhappy client. LSL saves valuable time and money for all parties in a project.

LSL also comes in different grades, allowing for larger span capabilities. Laminated strand lumber is incredibly versatile. This means that the architect, builder, and subcontractors for each element of the construction are able to collaborate and plan a project seamlessly.

As with any building material, it is crucial to trust your supplier. If you have considered LSL but are not certain that it is a good choice for your project, please feel confident to contact us. We would love to discuss all things construction with you.

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