organizing your garage, Chic Lumber and design

For many people, the garage is not only a place to park the car: it’s a workshop, craft space, or – most commonly – a storage room. And when the seasons begin to change, so too does the purpose of your garage. As it gets colder, the car can’t stay in the driveway to make room for what’s stored inside… but those things in the garage may not have an obvious place to go, either.

Determining what you have and where to put it is step one of organizing your garage for the holiday season. String lights, ornaments, and festive centerpieces can come out of the storage bin and into use, but what about those tools used every so often? What about the bicycles that were outside for summer, but now need a place to stay when the weather gets icy? Make these decisions before moving things around to understand how you can make your garage the best space it can be.

While you’re determining what you need to store (or take from storage), it’s a good idea to look at the structure of your garage, as well. What kind of flooring does your garage have? Does it need finishing for colder weather? If your garage flooring is in need of repair or maintenance, it’s important to determine what you can do before the change of seasons makes fixes more difficult. It may even be time for an upgrade! Chic Lumber’s high quality diamond chip garage flooring is designed to outlast traditional epoxy flooring—and keep looking great in your garage through its lifetime.

Your needs will differ depending on your belongings and your space, but no matter for what you use your garage, it’s in good practice to keep it safe, sturdy, and organized.

In fact, a well-maintained, conveniently organized garage helps keep the whole house orderly. Chic Lumber’s storage organization solutions are custom-made to fit your garage, your home, and your lifestyle. Beautiful cabinets and slat walls can store work tools, outside toys, seldom-used items and more. If you have items you only need a few times a year or less—like those festive decorations—overhead storage solutions are a great choice.

Chic Lumber’s experienced sales staff and designers will help you make the best decisions for your home. As the holidays approach, think about what you need your garage to be for you. Whether those needs include cabinetry, garage design, resilient flooring, or overhead storage, contact us for your garage organization needs today.