Kitchen Cabinets are central to look and feel.

Are you looking for kitchen cabinets? Moreover, as one of the costliest items in a kitchen remodel, kitchen cabinets must be both durable and have long-lasting appeal. Many seek affordability, style, and durability.

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Here is our short guide and introduction to shopping for kitchen cabinets. We will walk you through the basics and help you make good decisions based on your budget.

Type & Style

Kitchen cabinets come in a large variety of styles, sizes, and finishes. The styles range from hardwood to laminates. There are also frame and frameless types. Dealers carry many different cabinet lines, each differentiated by quality and price. Stock cabinets are more often budget-friendly, with “standard” sizes, configurations, finishes and materials. If you choose custom kitchen cabinets, there are almost unlimited options available.

Materials & Finishes

The larger your budget, the more options you have. Therefore, how much you are willing to spend is a major consideration. Hardwood options include cherry and oak. Other options include laminates, composites, and metal. It all comes down to what you like best. Many stock cabinets will come either unfinished, stained, or with a white finish. Custom and semi-custom cabinets have more options including painted or stained, but also options like antiqued or distressed.

Stock vs Custom

Stock kitchen cabinets come in standard sizes with limited options. They are mass-produced by manufacturers and sold by dealers and retailers. On the other end of the spectrum, custom cabinets are made to order. Just as a handmade suit costs more than one purchased off the rack, custom cabinets cost more because they are crafted specifically for the individual customer. The advantages of stock cabinets are both in price and time of delivery. Semi-custom uses a large number of standard sizes and materials with customizing options, and this makes them the midrange option.

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