There are many reasons to own a gun. You have your reason. Maybe because you feel it is a citizen’s duty, maybe because it is fun to shoot at a target, or maybe you are a hunter.

Let’s say you are thinking about a pistol for self-defense. Gun Room Chic Lumber & Design

These are some of the options:

Smith and Wesson REVOLVERS:

  • Model 686 (.357 Magnum). This wood grip stainless steel powerhouse weighs in at just over 2 pounds (34.6 ounces) with a short 2.5 inch barrel, delivers seven powerful rounds and is a popular choice for protection. It has a sleek elegance to its look, but this single/double action beauty means business.
  • Model 586 6 Inch Barrel (.357 Magnum). This carbon steel, wood grip 6 shooter looks every-bit the gun that it is. Weighing in at under three pounds (46.3 ounces) and nearly a foot in total length (11.25 inches), it is a gun that will be noticed.
  • Model GOVERNOR┬« (.45 colt/410 shotshell). This stainless steel matte finish pistol weighs 29.6 ounces, sports a 2.75 inch barrel, and delivers 6 rounds. The sleek look, long cylinder and black synthetic grip is built for personal and home protection.


Glock 17 (9mm Luger). This gun, designed for the professional, is the most widely used law enforcement pistol. It carries 17 rounds in the magazine, weighs 25 ounces empty and 32 ounces fully loaded, and is 8 inches in length. The frame and magazine body are made of a high-strength polymer.

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