If you are considering a home improvement project, you might consider investing in custom millwork. Rather than visit your local home improvement center and pick up interior or exterior trim that is commercially produced and found in virtually every home on your block, transform your home’s appearance into something unique. If you desire a result that is a cut above the rest, that’s when a job calls for custom millwork.

Interior Trim: Customizing interior trim brings your personal vision to life. Whether it be an intricate pattern above your mantle or enhancing the frames of doorways, chair rails or any other woodwork trim, custom millwork will reflect your personality.

Exterior Trim: It’s easy to understand why someone would desire gorgeous custom millwork within the home. Spending so many hours indoors, it is only natural to wish to be surrounded with beauty. But why invest in exterior projects that will be exposed to the brutal elements? Because it will increase the value of your home. Professional appraisers agree that quality interior and exterior trim increases the value of a property and contribute to a faster sale.

Finding Experts: Custom millwork is the kind of job that should only be trusted to the skills of an experienced craftsman. It is preferred to use a company with on-site capabilities. The ultimate custom millwork company will also have a team of creative designers capable of bringing the inspiration of your imagination to life. To partner with such a team for your next home improvement project, please contact the experts at Chic Lumber. The mission of our craftsmanship is to exceed your expectations.